Sightseeing in Portugal with Lisbon Photo Tour - Vasco da Gama Bridge

Photo Tours in Lisbon, Sintra, and Cascais

A new traveling experience - Improve your photography skills while enjoying some of the most beautiful places in Portugal.

In case you haven't visited our galleries yet, please let us invite you to do so. Better than any words, our galleries will show you the experience we hope you'll join:

Lisbon sightseeing with Lisbon Photo Tour - Belém Tower
Sintra sightseeing with Sintra Photo Tour - Palácio Nacional de Sintra
Cascais sightseeing with Cascais Photo Tour - Guincho Beach

Lisbon, one of the best places to tour

Choose from various areas in Lisbon. Capture the famous monuments, the intimate street scenes or the sleek lines of modern architecture. While our focus is on improving your photo skills, we also take time out to review your photos, share practical tips or simply have a coffee and enjoy the surroundings.

Capture the magic of Sintra

Sintra is a place of myths and mystery. History, archaeology, architecture and natural beauty combine to create a compelling centrepiece that enchants the visitor and grabs the photographer, challenging him to capture its magic through the lens. After a while you have to leave Sintra but Sintra will never leave you.  

(The tour to Sintra has a specific itinerary)

Golden hour in Cascais

Formerly a typical fishing village, Cascais tourism has developed the place into a cosmopolitan, affluent beach town. Sometimes referred to as the Portuguese riviera, Cascais and its neighbouring town, Estoril, offer several photo opportunities, that go from the impressive architecture, classical and modern, to the beautiful coastal landscapes.

Travellers by Nature

Human beings are travellers by nature. Whenever we arrive at an amazing sight, magic happens. A delightful sensation fills our soul, inspires our heart and at that moment we become better people. We appreciate the beauty, embrace the culture and hope that the experience will never end. 

The Importance of a Picture 

Knowing that, sooner or later, we'll have to leave the enchanted place, we take out our cameras, trying to capture its essence, preserve its spirit, hopping those travel images will make us feel as good as we did while we were there. And that's how important vacation photos really are.

Learn from a local photographer

When you take a tour with mC Photo Tours, you'll be joined by a local photographer and a professional instructor, all in one. In other words, someone who knows the best places, the best times, the best angles to photograph and knows how to share all that information . Take advantage of his own experience shooting those same places countless times.

Organize your own tour

Choose how long your tour will be, depending on the places you want to see in Lisbon, Sintra  and Cascais, and also the subjects you want to photograph. Be adventurous by taking a night session or maybe you prefer to rise and shine at 5:00 a.m. and enjoy the magic of the first light.